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2016 Eruption
Stew Broe

2016 Eruption

2019 Lava White
George Green

2019 Lava White

2021 Magma White
Lesley Rizvi
2021 Magma White

I did enjoy the Magma White and will buy it again, however my taste a little on the sweeter side, so Lava White is still my favourite.

Enjoy Now - You Won't Be Dissappointed

As a grape, merlot often doesn't get the love it deserves but the team at Volcanic Hills have hit out of the park, in my humble opinion, with a smooth and bold merlot that is balanced in its tannins while very easy to enjoy with a great roast, steak or even bbq chicken. One of my favorites in their line up of wines.

Deliciously Dry

We've started to broaden our tastes in wines to include Rosés

The Gidda Estate Rosé is a delicious addition that we've paired with stir fries and other asian flavoured dishes. Mmm Mmm

2019 Cabernet Franc
Zsuzsanna Gaspar
Hidden gem

I am soooooo glad, that I requested your Cabernet Franc into our last wine shipment. Light bodied but still has weight, perfect with red meat. We are planning to reorder again.

Thank you for being so accommodating with our order changes. Terri


This was smooth, sweet and flavourful, I would recommend it

2019 Lava White
Kathie Vander Helm

Haven't drank it yet


2017 Merlot
Ashok Mathur

Wonderful Merlot with just the right balance. Definitely a lovely wine for the season.

2016 Eruption
Diane Paterson
2016 Eruption

One of the best reds I’ve ever had. I’ll never share with company as I want it all to myself!


Hi, this is one of our few favorites, will definitely be buying more.

2020 Gidda Family Estate Rosé

2017 Merlot
Sharon Johnson

2017 Merlot

2020 Lava Red
Sandra Kuzyk
2020 Lava Red

This wine never disappoints. It is delicious, full body and smooth. It truly is one of my favourite red wines of all time.

2017 Merlot
Andre Desrosiers

Not there yet.
Will drink this summer.

2016 Eruption
Darlene Gorman

2016 Eruption

2020 Lava Red
Allen McLeay

2020 Lava Red

2020 Gidda Family Estate Zweigelt

Such an easy delicious wine for almost any occasion.

2017 Merlot
David R
2017-A Merlot to Cherish

We asked Amit to ship some wines to us to share with friends in Whitehorse Yukon and the 2017 Merlot was one of the wines we ordered. We enjoyed the 2017 Merlot so much we ordered a case to take home.

Easy to Use

Saw the wine shop staff use this. I got one for home use. easy to setup and use.

2020 Gewurztraminer
Donna Phillips
Great Gewurtz!

Gewurtztraminer is my favourite white wine and so I'm pretty picky about it. This Gewurtz really deliver those pear/strawberry floral flavours I love.

2021 Bubbly Rosé
Jeanne Durrell
Fabulous bubbly

Just like this winery - this Bubbly is exquisite! A great find!

We loved the experience but we thought there would be more to the desserts in the experience