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2017 Magma White

Delicious. Pleasantly fruity. Easy to drink wine.

Lava Red

Tried one bottle really enjoyed it. Ordered 6 more! Shipping was fast. Wine is excellent.

Love my white!

Really enjoying Lava White!

Our go-to red

We love this Cab Franc - it's our go-to wine from Volcanic Hills. Smooth, flavourful, and is a great addition to date night. Highly recommended.

Lava Red

This is my all time favorite wine. I had it on a wine tour for a bachelorette and we walked out with 2 cases. I ordered online for Christmas last year and it was at my doorstep in less than a day and a half! It’s not too sweet and not too dry, I recommend 100%!!

2017 Cabernet Franc

2015 Merlot

2018 Viognier
2018 Viognier

Enjoyable wine. It tasted to me a little on the sweet side when just drinking by itself but it is good. I may have had it too cold as I drank it straight from a very cold fridge.

Great stuff

Very easy ordering and great service from your delivery contractor.

2016 Igneous Vineyards Ehrenfelser
5 Star Wine

The wine is delicious! One bottle tastes like another!🍾

Not yet

Have not tasted the wine. I am waiting for a special occasion. Do you a extra
dry/dry Rosé?


A gift card was the perfect gift for our friends!!! It was easy to do and our friends were thrilled. Thank you Volcanic Hills!!

This is one of the top 3 wines one other red and a white

Love how smooth this wine no sweet just the right combinations whenever I go out somewhere I take this one with me I’m hooked

Lava Red

This was superb. Rich juicy and delicious. We really enjoyed this wine and will get more.

2019 Gamay Noir

Full bodied and flavorful

My Husband’s Favourite Rose!

My husband first started testing rose on a visit to France years ago. He followed up with a thorough testing of BC rose and Volcanic Hills has become his favorite. Thanks Volcanic Hills for making gift giving easy!

In a dry spell

Unfortunately, I have not yet tried the Volcanic Hills Wines that I quickly received. Looking forward to trying them soon.

Drinking Pure Gold!

This Icewine is like drinking gold. It is my new favourite!

It was very nice wine

2016 Pinot Noir


Lovely. Smooth and buttery. Could drink this all day long. Yummy

Not all bottles taste the same

I am mix with the resuts. For the first bottle that I have drank, I will give a 5 stars. However, for the second one, I will limit the score to maybe 3.8 on 5. The storage was similar for both of them and the conditions of drinking were similar too. The second one was like a "light" wine. So, on average, this is a 4.4 stars for the Eruption.


I haven't opened the Pino Noir yet. Just added it to my cellar. Will open in a year or so...

Chardonnay 2015

I find this Chardonnay has a nice bouquet of apple and lemon. It’s not too overwhelming and has a nice finish.

Love this white. Just the right sweetness.