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Our Philosophy

Great wine starts in the vineyard.  Through caring first for the land, and careful varietal selection, we are able to sustainably grow our grapes to produce wines that require minimal intervention in the winery.  The result -  each unique vintage we create wines that showcase this land of opportunity and the true terroir of the Okanagan Valley.

The Land

Our home block vineyard is located on the SE slope of Mount Boucherie, a 60 million year old dormant volcano that has inspired our name.  This site is home to our wine shop and winery production facility. Here our self rooted  grapes thrive in the sandy loam, clay and limestone soils that are rich with mineral deposits and volcanic rock. 

The Okanagan Valley is a unique place to grow world class grapes.  Our ripening season is short, winters are cold, and summer days are hot and dry.  Viticulture here takes a deep understanding of the many different microclimates and soil structures that span from our Northern most Estate property in West Kelowna, down into the desert hills of Oliver and Osoyoos.

Each site is unique and has been planted and farmed accordingly.


Throughout West Kelowna are our 65 acres of estate grown vines, the oldest dating back to our first self rooted plantings of Gewurztraminer in 1978. 

The majority of our viticulture is carried out by hand, by watchful, experienced eyes from first winter pruning right through the end of harvest.

We have long recognized the importance of selecting varietals that could sustainably express our terroir and withstand our extreme Okanagan climate.  The majority of our estate vines are self rooted - increasing their tolerance to extreme weather.   Today we are proud of the wines our Estate grown Gamay, Gewurztraminer,  Zwiegelt,  Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Marichel Foch and Riesling vines produce.

We work closely with our long time growers in Oliver, Osoyoos, and Okanagan Falls to deliver Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Viognier and Chardonnay.

Our Facility

While truly great wine is indeed grown in the vineyard, state of the art equipment and careful management from fermentation to maturity ensure our wines are expressed in the glass the way nature intended.  Underneath our wine shop on Boucherie Road. is where the magic happens.

Covering 10,000 square feet, our large crush-pad area, temperature-controlled tank rooms, humidity-controlled barrel room, chemistry lab and warehouse storage area allow us to carefully manage the process.  In house lab testing, using state-of-the-art equipment, ensures quality management of the wines our customers have come to know and love.   

Eco friendly Geo-thermal heating of our facility and water treatment in our production area allows us to minimize the use of harmful chemicals.  By heating our water to 85 degrees Celsius during our sterilization processes, we are able to reduce the number of chemicals used in crafting your favorite bottles.