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Our August small business feature is Wild Craft Organic Mustard!

Take it away Christinae...


Wildcraft Organic initially started 8 years ago. Since 2016 the company is certified organic. Now it is me, Christiane Nauen, running it on my own. The company is situated in 100 Mile House, in the Cariboo Region of British Columbia. 

How Wild Craft Organic Mustard got started

I am originally from Germany. I grew up in a household, where good food was priority. Good, quality food was the family business and our way of life. My grandfather had started a small herring marinating business and through the decades my father and now my brother led the family business into a respected, quality food company, specializing in the manufacturing of specialty mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup and other fine delicacies. I grew up knowing the “food business” well, from manufacturing to managing. Now, many years later, I find myself in charge of this small mustard manufacturing company. I love sharing these mustards with folks who appreciate them.

Tell us about your products!

Why mustard? I am living in mustard country - yes, Canada is the largest export country in the world for mustard seeds. I am coming from mustard country - Germany was the largest producer of mustard seeds before Canada took over. I brought some recipes……and so it started…. Mustard, made right, is a very healthy addition and condiment for any meal. The healthy side effect of a traditionally made mustard (being raw and fermented) is often overlooked. The enzymes in a raw mustard help the body digest fatty and rich foods. That is the reason you eat mustard with hams, sausages, bratwurst, cheese, etc. It is very important for me to “produce” something healthy and delicious from a local product. My mustards are full of flavour and can enhance everyday cooking besides being healthy. I produce in small batches, laying a close eye on all stages of mustard making. This way the mustard is always fresh. Mustard making is so diverse and there is no end to “cooking up “ more recipes.

What kinds of mustards can we expect?

 At the moment I am manufacturing seven kinds but I have, at least, twenty more on my mind. The environmental side is also very important. Everything in the manufacturing process is hand work, other than the filling of the mustard into jars, which is semi automatic. There is hardly any energy needed to produce the mustard and the commercial kitchen is off grid, run by solar energy. The main ingredients, mustard and apple cider vinegar, are Canada grown and the rest of the ingredients I try to obtain from as close as possible. The choice of names for my mustards were inspired from the area I live in - Badgers, Foxes, Horses - they all have a certain “character” I matched with the individual mustards. The Red Fox, for example - this is a fruity tasting, sweet mustard on the first taste, but then the heat comes afterwards, sly, like a fox

Where can you buy Wild Craft Mustards? ;)

Wildcraft mustards are available at a few selected stores throughout BC and, of course, at the wonderful Volcanic Hills Estate Winery.


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