Laid Back Snacks - Small Business Feature | September 2021

Our September small business feature is Laid Back Snacks!


Laid Back Snacks (LBS) is a healthy snack food company based in Vancouver, BC. Owned by husband and wife duo, Neil and Ryley, their snacking philosophy of 80% fuel and 20% fun can be enjoyed in each of the 31 healthy and delicious snacks they sell!

Keep reading to see how Laid Back Snacks creates their unique snacks using whole ingredients in fun and delicious ways.

How Laid Back Snacks got started

It may seem pointless to discuss a walnut's appearance, but for Neil, knowing what a walnut looks like symbolized a bigger battle against poor snacking habits.

He admits that his love of food didn’t translate into making healthy choices and that was one of the biggest catalysts behind Laid Back Snacks.

Following a breakup with a high stress consulting position in London and moving to relaxed Vancouver, his exposure to start-ups gave him the idea to make healthy snacking easy and enjoyable.

Soon after, Naked Snacks was born to revolutionize the way people feel about healthy snacking, but more importantly, making people feel relaxed about their snacking choices. In addition to this feel-good factor, the brand pokes fun at what healthy eating can often seem like - serious and heavy handed. (Relax, we didn’t hurt any veggie feelings).

As they continued to experiment and connect with their loyal customers, Neil and Ryley discovered a hurdle - the name Naked Snacks - didn’t connect with the feeling customers were experiencing with the snacks, a cheeky and relaxed experience.

So, in January 2021, Naked Snacks... *gasp* got laid and became Laid Back Snacks with a new vision: “to create a more relaxed world, one snack at a time.”

Tell us about your products

We offer a wide range of delicious and healthy trail mixes and snacks, including vegan, high protein, gluten-free, and nut-free options. We are continuously adapting to changing lifestyles, which is why we have designed snacks that are perfect for parents, toddlers, adrenaline seekers and busy bees.

While we encourage snacking from the bag, our amazing customers like to add our Maple Praline Almonds, Wooster Sure Almonds and more to charcuterie boards, salad toppings and baked goods for added crunch, sweetness and spice!

Besides ensuring our Laid Back community snacks well, as parents ourselves, we 100% believe kids should have food to fuel their potential. As proud partners of Breakfast Club of Canada, we donate a bag of snacks for every box shipped.

For the whole month of September, Laid Back Snacks are on 10% online and in-store. Great for a late night snack or to back in those back-to-school lunches.

Find a Laid Back Snack that fits your lifestyle best: 

Hearty Tamari

Sriracha Cashew


Wasabi Me

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