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Okanagan Lake

My name is Raphael, and I graduated from UBC Okanagan with a Major in Freshwater Science, last year. For several years, I have been working on writing a comprehensive book on the scientific and historical aspects of Okanagan Lake. The design and layout phase is complete, and I am preparing to raise funds to assist in covering the printing costs, which are rather high due to the full-colour design.

As a short background, this will be the first book ever written exclusively about the lake, and will feature a comprehensive investigation of the associated science and history. Chapters are dedicated to different perspectives such as the geologic and anthropogenic history, biology, and environmental issues, and history surrounding lake transportation. In addition, a large focus of the book draws on personal underwater research that I have conducted since 2005. These expeditions have regularly uncovered new information about the science and history of Okanagan Lake, and much of this has been of interest to local professionals. A key component of this book are the many underwater images and bathymetric maps, providing a holistic view into the above and underwater concepts of Okanagan Lake.

It is my desire to educate and inspire those reading this book to develop a higher respect and appreciation for our valuable Okanagan Lake. The lake has played such an integral role in the development of the Okanagan Valley, and beginning in the 19th century, became home to an ever growing population that relied on the lake for transportation, industry, and recreation. For those interested in local history, this book will portray many of our interactions and impact on the lake.
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