• 2017 Lapilli - 375ml

2017 Lapilli - 375ml


Aged in neutral French oak barrels for 11 months, it displays notes of chocolate and cherry. It has then been fortified to add complexity and warmth to this fireside sipper. 

Perfect Pairing:

Beautiful on its own or while curled up by the fire. Amazing when paired with aged blue cheese, black forest cake (not too sweet) or chocolate mousse with a berry coulee.

The Story:

In 1961, we began our Okanagan journey as tree fruit farmers. Now, three generations later we pay homage to one of the crops that started it all with our fortified cherry wine. Harvested from some of the last remaining Lapin Cherry trees that sit atop our homestead vineyard, Lapilli takes its name from the small cherry-sized stones created by molten lava droplets during a volcanic eruption. 

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