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Okanagan Orchard Sangria

Okanagan Orchard Sangria

ummer is officially here and your local Farmer's Markets are likely beginning to burst with fresh cherries and tree fruit!  Nothing tastes quite like our literal orchard in a glass Sangria!  Using our Lapin Cherry Wine from our cherries on property in West Kelowna, along with fresh tree fruits, this simple yet incredibly delicious Sangria is sure to be a crowd pleaser on those hot summer days. 

Our Lapin Cherry Wine is exceptionally fruity, easy drinking, low in tannin and ther perfect base wine for this refreshing Red Summer Sangria.

With our Lapin Cherry Wine now on sale for only $12.99/Bottle - this is one crowd pleasing combination that won't break the back this summer while entertaining!



1 Bottle Lapin Cherry Red Wine

750ml Sparkling Apple or Pear Juice 

4 oz Brandy

2 Tbsp Honey

1 Apple - Cut into Chunks

1 Pear - Cut into Slices

1 Cup pitted cherries

1 Peach - Cut into Slices




In a large pitcher, combine Brandy and honey, stirring to until honey is dissolved.  Once honey is dissolved add room temperature Cherry Wine and Sparkling Juice.  Add slices of peach, pear, apples, and pitted cherries.  Stir gently.

Refrigerate for 4 hrs.  

Pour into glasses and serve with fruit garnish

Recipe Credit: Kathryn Newhouse


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